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An Introductory Note To The Seller

Congratulations on the upcoming sale of your home. The relief you may feel at having your home in contract may be offset by feelings of sadness at leaving a place where you’ve established roots, and stress over the many tasks that need to be completed during this busy time (not the least of which is packing!). The explanation below is provided to help you understand the overall process and relationship between the parties to this transaction, as well as any requirements we may have of you as seller, when it comes time to close this transaction.

If our office has been asked to act as settlement agent in the closing of the real estate you are selling, there are some matters that we will require your assistance with in order to expedite the transaction and prevent delays or extra costs to you. They are listed below. Please also remember that you must bring a valid, government-issued picture I.D. with you to closing for proper identification. The closing cannot take place if you do not have this identification with you. In order to ensure a smooth closing, we would like to make you aware of the following information.

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This notice is provided to you pursuant to the Privacy of Consumer Financial Information Act and the Federal Trade Commission's implementing regulation thereunder, 16 CFR Part 313.


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