Our clients include buyers, sellers, developers, realtors and some of the largest and most prominent banks and mortgage lenders in the region and throughout the nation. They consistently rely on our quick turnaround time, competitive pricing, and the other services we provide.


Other Services:
Judgment Clearance

It can be a challenge to finalize real estate transactions if judgments are present. Our team members are familiar with judgment requirements and will assist you during your judgment clearing process.

Subordination Preparation

If you are looking to refinance your mortgage on a property for which you have taken out multiple loans, you will need to complete a subordination agreement in order for your new loan to take first priority over older property liens. Our team will help you navigate this process and ensure that the agreement is drafted and signed in such a way that your primary loan takes first priority.

Power of Attorney Preparation

Our team understands the importance of bestowing a loved one with the ability to make important decisions about property sale and transfer in your absence. We assist in the preparation of Power of Attorney documents that will ensure that your interests are protected, even if you are unable to be present when important transactions take place.

Deed Preparation

Property ownership transfer is one of our specialties. Our deed preparation services ensure that your pending real estate transactions is carried out smoothly. Our team ensures that a property's title can be successfully obtained so that the transfer process can begin. We work tirelessly to ensure that this process goes as smoothly as possible so that the transaction can be finalized.

Reverse Mortgage Specialists

As you age, you may begin contemplating the future of your finances and property. We understand that property ownership can be a substantial burden to bear, and as such, we specialize in reverse mortgages. This refinancing option allow older homeowners the ability to transfer ownership of their property to the bank, increasing their peace of mind and that of their families after they are gone.

IRS 1031 Exchanges

We believe in investment diversity. As such, we are happy to assist clients who wish to receive IRS 1031 Exchange tax deferments by investing their real estate profits into additional properties.

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