Successfully Selling Your Home

The real estate market is slowing churning upwards, but even in a market leaning slightly more towards sellers, it is critical to take the proper steps for a successful home-selling experience. Here, the real estate and mortgage professionals at Powerhouse Title Group detail ways to help your house sell quickly.

Harness the Power of Social Media and Other Online Venues

Social media is an inextricable part of our lives at this point, so be sure to take advantage of it. Posting a link to your listing on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is a terrific way for all your social media friends, and their friends, who are in the market for a home to have access to your listing.

A recent study performed by Trulia shows that listings with more than six pictures are viewed twice as often as listings without—so the more pictures you have, the better. YouTube can also be a great, and far more interactive way, to “show” your house. Record yourself walking through your house, describing the attributes you love and the neighborhood it’s in, providing potential buyers the opportunity to see your home and community from the comfort of their own and to gain enough preliminary information that will entice them to want to see it in person.

Enhance Your Home’s Assets

Your home should be in peak condition before selling, which means that you should pay close attention to the interior, and exterior, details of your home. Get your home professionally cleaned, and even consider repainting an old exterior. Have the porch, deck, patio and driveway power-washed, and landscape the front and back yard with fresh mulch, lush and well-trimmed grass, and newly-planted flowers. Have carpets shampooed, and hardwood floors polished. A well-kept home signals to a buyer that care and attention were given to the home throughout your time living there.

It may also be beneficial to have the home inspected for more structural concerns, such as termites, leaky pipes, faulty electrical wiring, or a sagging and cracked foundation. The buyer will have their own inspector do the same, but having your home pre-inspected will help you anticipate any repairs you should do, or concerns the buyer will have.

When preparing to show your home, create a neutral space. Remove family photos, personal keepsakes, and as many items that show your personality and character as possible. Get rid of junk and clutter, and begin removing excess furniture if you can—it is easier for buyers to imagine themselves living in the space when it’s clean, neutral and ready for them to place their own personalized mark on it.

Make Your Offer Attractive and Accessible

Research the sales prices of three comparable homes in your area that have sold in recent months, and establish your home’s list price 10-15% lower than that. With access to comparative listing sites online, buyers are very aware of “fair” listing prices. If there are other homes currently for sale in your area, visit their open house—it’s a great way to see the condition of other for sale homes, and make sure yours is up to par or better. If there are attractive pieces you can leave behind, such as stainless steel kitchen appliances, do so: it will create a greater incentive for your buyers.

The only way your house will sell is if it is available to be shown: sellers are often competing against foreclosures and short sale listings, which are typically vacant and consequently available for showing at any time. A restrictive showing schedule will put off buyers, so do your best to accommodate buyer’s schedules and needs. A house that is constantly being shown will not last on the market for long.

By following these tips, your home selling experience can be a less stressful, and far more profitable, experience. And, when closing day comes, you’ll need dedicated and experienced professionals to assist in finalizing the sale. Choose Powerhouse Title Group, and get the professionalism and efficiency you deserve—for more information, contact us today!